Get your church online

An online directory with feeds, groups, and donation tracking

Give your church a secure online picture directory and let members keep their information current. Quickly enter donations every week and let members view/print end-of-year receipts. Send prayer requests via email to ten or ten thousand people.

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Hosted in the cloud

There is no software to install. All you need is a web browser. We take daily snapshots of your data so don't worry when your computer crashes.

The directory is online

Members can access the directory from anywhere and update their own information. Fast mobile app for smartphones. Addresses can be plotted on a map to help members know who lives nearby.

Easy donation tracking

Create deposit batches, attach donations to families, and print end-of-year tax receipts. Members can see their giving history anytime.


Groups streamline conversation

Share conversations, to-do lists, events and files. Lockable from the inside to protect sensitive information. No more emails with a dozen addresses in the header!

Notes and pastoral visit tracking

Don't let people slip through the cracks. Record private notes or share them with other pastors/staff. Assign families to pastors and make it easy to see who's next in line for a visit.

Feeds are better mailing lists

Feeds allow members to receive just the information they need, when they need it. Want prayer requests in real time but never want to get stuff-for-sale emails? No problem.

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Monthly billing - cancel anytime and
get your data back quickly


$19 a month

Church Plants

  • Up to 50 members
  • 10GB of file storage
  • Free email support
  • Daily Data Backup


$49 a month

Most Common Plan

  • Up to 500 members
  • 50GB of file storage
  • Free email support
  • Daily Data Backup

30 day free trial on all plans


$79 a month

Large Churches

  • Up to 1,000 members
  • 150GB of file storage
  • Free email support
  • Daily Data Backup

Frequently Asked Questions

1) What does your pricing mean by "member"?
For billing purposes, we count adults listed in your directory as members. So children never count against your limit - neither do adults who are tracked in Lumen but aren't listed in the directory (e.g. visitors, donors who don't attend your church, etc).
2) Can you give me more details on how you bill for file storage?
Sure! Each plan includes a certain amount of file storage, and if you use more than that amount we'll bill the additional space you used at 50¢/GB/month. We've tried to include enough space so that hardly anyone needs to pay extra for file storage - but if you choose to upload large videos, etc, you might reach your limit.
3) Can you import data from my current system?
Depends on your data... if it's exportable to Excel/CSV, we can often import some of your data for you. Not always, though! Contact if you have any questions.
4) Is there a limit to how much email I can send through feeds/etc?
Nope! And we do our best to get your email delivered to your members' inboxes - we use SPF, DKIM, unsubscribe links, email whitelists, and other measures to avoid the Spam folder.
5) Is there a contract I need to sign?
Nope, you must agree to abide by our terms of service, but there are no long-term commitments and you can cancel at any time.
6) Is Lumen a full accounting package?
No, Lumen is meant to function as a sub-ledger that complements Quickbooks™ or whatever your main accounting package is. Lumen handles funds, deposit batches, donation tracking, and end of year tax receipts for members, and then once a month you enter the total amount for each fund/account into your main accounting system. So your accounting software doesn't have to keep track of each member at your church - it just knows that for the month of June, for example, there were $6,492.87 worth of donations to the Deacons' Fund deposited into your Wells Fargo checking account - and Lumen knows which members wrote the checks adding up to that amount and whether they're tax deductible.

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