Terms of Service

Usage of Lumen.co (the "Service") represents acknowledgement and intention to comply with the following Terms of Service. While these Terms of Service are geared towards the corporate entity that is paying for the service, they do represent an Acceptable Use Policy, when possible, for all users of the system.

In Plain English

(but read the whole thing - this is just a summary and is not the actual terms!)

Data Ownership

Your data belongs to you. Lumen claims no ownership of it. Your data will never be sold, because it is not Lumen's to sell. Neither does Lumen claim any ownership over the Intellectual Property that your data might represent.
Your data is yours.

Intended Use

Lumen is made for churches, so you need to be a church or para-church organization to use it. Using Lumen to store information completely unrelated to church operations is not allowed. Lumen reserves the right to shut down your account if you are not a church.
You need to be a church.


You may cancel at any time. You are completely responsible for cancelling your service. Cancellation requests must be initiated on Lumen.co under the Account section. There are no refunds. However, you will never be charged after you have canceled the service. Lumen reserves the right to cancel your account at any time.
You can cancel at any time.


Communicating with your members via email is a critical component of Lumen. As such, it is important for you to understand how spam works. In simplest form, spamming occurs when a message is a) unsolicited and b) sent in bulk. Since you will be sending messages in bulk through Lumen, you must ensure that the email is solicited in order to not be spamming your members. Therefore, your members must opt-in to your Feeds. All email sent through Lumen contains an unsubscribe link in compliance with the CAN-SPAM Act of 2003.
You can't spam folks.

Illegal Use

If you upload data that violates copyright law or is otherwise illegal, we reserve the right to delete it. Neither will you use Lumen in any other way deemed illegal by those in power. If you are held liable for illegal activity, you agree to hold us harmless and to not blame or incriminate us as complicit in your illegal activity.
You can't do illegal stuff.

Uptime and Interruptions in the Service

While care is taken to achieve high uptime and stability, no guarantee is made regarding uptime. Lumen may be occasionally unavailable due to maintenance, upgrades, hardware failure, or disruptions from upstream providers. You may also be unable to use Lumen due to Internet connectivity issues outside Lumen's control. There may also be errors ("bugs") which prevent Lumen from acting as intended. Refunds will not be given because of downtime or unavailability.
Sometimes bad things happen, and the site may not work for a while.


Both Lumen and its clients/users agree not to pursue any disagreements before civil authorities as is prohibited in 1 Corinthians 6. If either party desires arbitration or mediation, it will be administered by a party mutually agreed upon by both the Lumen partners and the client/user. If no party can be agreed upon, it will be administered by the elders of a church attended by one of the Lumen partners.
Let's work things out through arbitration.